2,000 years
of European history,
in one city

Back to the future?

No batteries. No Mr. Musk. No emissions. No multi-storey car parks (or parking lots). By-product is 100% recyclable and useful for growing vegetables. Is there anything more environmentally-friendly than a Fiaker?

Someone (apparently) wants to change the world? Then give everyone their very own personal Fiaker. Environmental crisis (almost) solved. Next problem.

The Fiaker are the horse and carriages which can be found in Vienna's Old Town, named after the Parisian street Rue Saint Fiacre, the location of the French capital's oldest horse and carriage stand. The (two-)horse and carriages became popular in Paris and London and in the late 17th century were also introduced in Vienna.



Musical interlude

Big Yellow Taxi
Joni Mitchell

Music and

Joni Mitchell

(Written in 1970)